10 Home Staging Tips

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  1. First impressions are lasting! The front door greets guests. Make sure it appears fresh and clean. Paint the trim, if needed. Add a new doormat.
  2. Move your furniture around to make rooms look larger. Don’t be afraid to take some furniture out of a room or add a key piece to another room. (i.e. Make a catch-all room an office with an extra table and chair.)
  3. When placing furniture keep in mind how a prospective buyer would circulate through your house. Don’t crowd doorways and paths to windows and closets.
  4. Make sure your pictures are hung at the right height. Wall décor should be hung where the center is roughly at 5’4” from the floor. This way it can be enjoyed while sitting or standing for a person of any height.
  5. Open your blinds and curtains. Let in the light.
  6. Use warm, incandescent light bulbs for a homey feel. Make sure all lights are working – replace light bulbs as needed.
  7. Hang clean, fresh towels in your bathrooms (white is always a good option).
  8. Make sure to have fresh bedding in all bedrooms. If needed, buy a basic white comforter and some colorful pillows.
  9. Add a little color where you can with fresh flowers, bright throw pillows and plants.
  10. Clean, clean, clean. Don’t forget baseboards, light switches, appliances, and your mechanicals.
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