20 Step Selling Process

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  1. A prospective Seller considers selling their home and contacts an Agent
  2. The Agent presents a Competitive Market Analysis, a Marketing Plan and suggests improvements for getting the home ready to sell
  3. The Seller selects their Agent
  4. The Seller signs all paperwork
  5. The Seller (with Agents’ help) “stages” the home for sale
  6. Professional photos of the home are taken by the Agent (Agent’s staff)
  7. The home goes on the market for sale (entered in MLS)
  8. The home is shown by Agents
  9. An offer is received! The Agent counsels the Seller on the offer
  10. The offer is negotiated
  11. Buyer and Seller agree on terms and go into “Contract”
  12. The Buyer’s earnest money is deposited
  13. Home inspections are completed by the Buyer’s inspector(s)
  14. The Buyer asks the Seller to make repairs
  15. The requested repairs can be accepted, rejected or countered by Seller
  16. The inspection repairs are agreed to by the Buyer and the Seller
  17. The Buyer’s lender gets the home appraised and the mortgage approved
  18. The title company will contact the Seller for mortgage payoff information
  19. The title company will provide the Closing Statement (HUD) to the Buyer and Seller at least 24 hours prior to closing
  20. The Seller and Buyer attend CLOSING!
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