Home Maintenance Checklists

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We often work with first time home buyers who wonder what all can go into maintaining their new homes.  As we collected our thoughts and did some research, we found several online resources we we felt put it best! This was a great reminder for many of us, and feel it could be beneficial to all homeowners. Have suggestions that you don’t see on one of the lists? We’d love to hear them!


Home Maintenance Checklist Resource Guides


Keeping Your Home In Tip-Top Shape – Article Written By Jeremy Anderberg for The Art of Manliness


The Annual Checklist – Written by Ronda Kaysen for The New York Times @rondakaysen 


Preventative Home Checklist – Written by Preventative Home Maintenance


35 Things To Do Every Year – Written by Thumbtack Editors for the Thumbtack Journal


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